Pop-up exhibitions
To show your photographs

Professional and amateur photographers can rent the exhibition hall of the Centre to present their work.


Friday : hanging
Saturday and Sunday : exhibiting
Monday morning : taking down
The private viewing can be arranged either on Friday or Saturday night and is the responsibility of the artist.


  • a 60m2 vaulted hall plus 20m2 entrance space
  • kitchenette (fridge and two-plate induction hob for reheating of food)
  • disabled toilets
  • 6 tables
  • 50 chairs
  • projector and 300x200 screen
  • approx thirty meters of picture rails

The rental fee is 250 euros + 50 euros deposit (non refundable in case of damage or if the premises are left dirty).
This includes :

  • the space
  • assistance with instalment
  • posting of the information on the Centre’s website and social media networks

Nielsen 50x60 frames available for rent : 1 Euro each

NB :

  • the Centre takes no commission on sales
  • the private viewing and security during the exhibition is the responsibility of the artist
  • applications are subject to the approval of the Centre’s committee.