After the MIA
Exhibition Dominique Laugé at the Galleria 70


Opening : Thursday 18 May - -

"A master of the landscape, Dominique Laugé, and the young photographer Agnese Garrone, are here approached in a sequence that, in spite of the mutual diversity of the themes treated and of the artistic formulation, flows in an unexpected poetic oneness, and in a line of continuity that has the character of the most natural harmony. The exhibition aims precisely to relate the works of two artists who, different in age, experience, style, choice of subjects, finally reveal themselves very close in the sensitivity and emotional climate given to the respective images. The great class of Laugé in portraying nature and Garrone’s vivid interest in the humankind that surrounds her, decline with different language the same quality of feeling, which has in itself something noble and ancient."

Eugenio Bitetti, gallery owner

The following links document Dominique Laugé’s work exhibited at the Galleria 70 over the years :