"The spirit of a place" by Sandrine Rousseau
Moroccan alleyways and architectural structures


Exhibition : 5 to 19 May 2024 -
Encounter with the photographer and opening : Saturday 4 May at 18.00
Open on week-ends and holiday : 10.00–12.30 and 15.00–18.30 ; by appointment during the week.
Contact : 06 47 32 65 22
Free entrance

The photographer

“My work is about my vision of simplicity in a complex world”

Sandrine Rousseau is a French photographer whose work has been inspired by her time spent in China, the UK, France, and most recently in Morocco, home to her family for the past three generations.

Sandrine Rousseau has exhibited in Morocco, the UK and France. Her work is included in a number of private art collections as well the JP Morgan Bank. She is represented by Galerie 127.

The artist lives in the Ariège Pyrenees in southwest France.

Links : https://sandrinerousseau.com/en/home


The exhibition

Sandrine’s photographs at the Centre in Gaillac are a selection from two series, “Passages“ and “The Baadi Palace”. In both locations, Sandrine has set out to draw on the pictorial qualities of the places she has photographed in order to convey the feelings that emanate from them.

The photographs for “Passages” were taken while wandering through the alleyways of the medina of Fes. It is a body of work on family history :

"Passages” links the past to the present, and as a tribute to my grandmother, fulfilled my desire to revive memories of my childhood that were about to fade away. The act of photographing was a way to reach out to their stories and lives, to make my own marks on their footsteps and to consciously become part of the family lineage.”

 “The Baadi Palace” (in Marrakech) is an architectural study of the Palace. In this series Sandrine derives particular inspiration from the graphic details of the architecture, using them as a vehicle to capture the feeling and energy of these places. […] The more the images evolve towards abstraction, the more they get to the essence of what is being photographed. […]


The photographs

Sandrine Rousseau uses double exposures when shooting her photographs. Then in the studio, she works these up to reveal the tones and the colours, thereby creating harmonious ensembles of shapes and volumes.

The superimposition of exposures in the series “Passage” is a way to highlight the faded colours, the passage of time, and to create quirky compositions which echo the many ways people live and cohabit in the medina. The focus is on light, color nuance and transparency. The japanese paper has been chosen for its texture and capacity to give a soft and subtle effect. Its tactile surface also contributes to convey the spirit of the place.

Sandrine’s abstract images are noted for their bold design. Her fascination with textures and patterns find particular expression in her architectural studies, especially in “The Baadi Palace” series – a symphony of shapes and tones, while her luminous compositions of geometric shapes reflect her search for balance and harmony.

Photography © : Sandrine Rousseau

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