Zone system
pre-visualizing the final image
On demand

Instructor : Dominique Laugé.

Ansel Adams’s zone system enables the photographer to determine the correct exposure as well as the adjustment of contrast on the final print. This method of exposure and film development planification leads to the control of the relation between the object and its photographic representation in terms of light and values.

Today, the zone system is rarely used in a strict way, but it is still an important reference to define optimum exposure and development for easy printing. Now that traditional and digital photography are converging, this technique becomes exceptionally efficient. Besides offering quality and control, the zone system can also participate in the process of experimentation.

The purpose of the workshop is to learn or improve your use of the zone system through exercises on shooting, exposure control, development and printing, in the intent to pre-visualize the final image, thus producing better final prints.

To gain benefit from the workshop, it is necessary to possess, prior to it, a good practice of traditional black&white and digital photography.

Proceedings :

• relation diaphragm, speed and sensitivity
• zone theory
• film developing
• tests for actual film speed
• basic densitometry
• development tests on grey scale
• development tests -1, -2, -3, +1, +2, +3

In the field
• light measurement (reflection, incidence)
• pre-visualization

• development
• printing
• retouching and finishing
• print quality evaluation

Basic essentials : traditional camera medium or big format, digital camera, laptop and USB key. Possibility for the attendee to borrow a camera.

Price : from June 2023, fee adjustment due to increase in the price of material.
1750€ inclusive of tax per person for five days with a registration fee of 525€.
Reduced price for professional photographers under 27.
Lunches at the Centre and material are included.
Maximum group size : 3

Dates : to be defined - on demand

Terms of access : examination of demands on arrival. Time of access according to each workshop dates.

Spoken languages : French, English and Italian

Below, in French, you will find :

  • The contract
  • A detailed program
  • A biography of Dominique Laugé
  • Returns on workshop experience by participants
  • Internal rules & regulation

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Photos : Dominique Laugé